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Diagnostics Reimagined

Patented Versatile Platform for Biosensing: Tunable for detection of infections and diseases

What can we test for?

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Covid-19, HIV1, HIV2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HTLV, West Nile Virus, Syphilis, Emerging Pandemics


Genetic Defects 

Cancers, Diabetes, Autoimmunities, and Birth Defects

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Most bacterial infections from Malaria to Tuberculosis and Ulcers





Protein and Lipid Diseases

Heart Disease and Dementia


What would you like to test for?

Am I sick or not sick?

With three simple steps, our biosensor technology is revolutionizing diagnostics

1. Place Sample on Chip

Our probes bind to the target within 10 minutes

2. Insert Chip Into Reader

Chip reader runs test on sample in 90 seconds

3. View Test Result

Positive/Negative result displayed
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Our Groundbreaking Publications

Dementia biomarkers detected by DNA aptamer-attached portable graphene biosensor

Dementia biomarkers detected by DNA aptamer-attached portable graphene biosensor

Significance -

Our memories define us and connect us to others. Without them, we are lost. This is the driving force behind the global push to treat neurodegenerative diseases of the older population. How does one know they have a disease that has few outward symptoms until later stages? The current testing methods for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s require a spinal tap and imaging tests such as MRI. This has made early detection of these diseases an incredible challenge. This work highlights a DNA aptamer-modified graphene field-effect transistor biosensor to detect unprocessed biomarker proteins in easily accessible biofluids derived from patients with Alzheimer’s disease, in pursuit of an affordable early-onset detection of neurodegenerative diseases.

Viruses of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants in saliva

Rapid self-test of unprocessed viruses of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants in saliva by portable wireless graphene biosensor

Significance - 
“Am I positive or negative?” Everyone wants to know the answer with speed and accuracy. Rapid and accurate at-home testing is the best defense against the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing endemics. Current rapid tests are often imprecise, test for denatured and processed viral components, and lack specificity for new variants. We developed a simple at-home test using saliva swabs that answers “positive or negative” in minutes and transmits results to stakeholders. The test uses a DNA aptamer-derivatized graphene field-effect transistor (GFET) to detect unprocessed intact SARS-CoV-2 and its variants at levels as low as 7 to 10 viruses. This method is tunable and adaptable for early-stage detection of emerging viral infections as well as many diseases with accessible biofluids.
Highly specific SNP detection

Highly specific SNP detection using 2D graphene electronics and DNA strand displacement

Significance -

Our electrical sensor-based SNP detection technology, without labeling and without apparent cross-hybridization artifacts, allows fast, sensitive, and portable SNP detection with single-nucleotide resolution. The technology has a wide range of applications in digital and implantable biosensors and high-throughput DNA genotyping, with transformative implications for personalized medicine.

Our Mission:

Life in Your Hand

Make Biosensor diagnostics affordable and available globally.

We have translated physical, chemical and biochemical sciences to electronics technology, using graphene and single-strand nucleic acids to achieve PCR-level precision. 



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